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Holly Phillips is a certified birth doula with DONA International.  In a former life, she was a special education teacher.  However, her first birth experience prompted a change in career.  She has been working in the birth field for almost five years.  Holly believes that women deserve access to evidence-based care and works hard to make sure her clients are informed participants in their birthing decisions. She has experience in a variety of birth settings, and has worked with moms desiring VBAC, moms with a history of perinatal moods disorders, moms who desire natural birth,  moms undergoing repeat caesarean births, and moms who are interested in the use of epidurals.  One of her biggest passions in working with women in the childbearing year, is the desire to help mothers make a smooth transition following the arrival of their babies so in 2014, she became trained as a postpartum doula and now proudly serves families for up to twelve weeks following birth.  In this role, she assists with breastfeeding, baby care, calming techniques, baby wearing and sibling adjustment.  Holly has completed a Lamaze Childbirth Education seminar and hopes to offer childbirth education classes in 2016. 


Summer Wilson is a licensed massage therapist with a practice focused on the birthing year.  She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2008 with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology.  After graduating from U.K., Summer went on to obtain her license as a massage therapist, passing her National Boards exam in February 2010.  Since becoming licensed, she has completed specialized training in prenatal, infant, and pediatric massage, as well as being certified as a massage doula.  This additional training sets her apart from other therapists, because she has certifications and in-depth knowledge on how to adequately serve a unique population, women and their children.  Summer's certification in prenatal massage grants her the qualifications to practice massage throughout the entire pregnancy.  She uses techniques and modalities designed specifically to address the changes that occur during pregnancy.  Summer is also a Certified Massage Birth Doula through BabyInc. This certification allows her to assist mothers in preparing for labor and delivery.  Summer is also an infant massage instructor.  Her training through Infant Massage U.S.A allows her not only to massage infants, but to instruct parents, grandparents, and caregivers on basic massage techniques that facilitate bonding and encourage brain, motor, and sensory development.